GRP Barcelona (Wednesday)

Discover the amazing hip hop and Amapiano party of Golden Rose Party at La Chismosa! This party is a must-attend event for urban music lovers. The best DJs specialized in hip hop, trap, Amapiano and other urban rhythms will make you dance non-stop with more than 1,000 people.

La Chismosa completely transforms herself during these nights, leaving aside her glamorous style to embrace the authentic street style. The décor is inspired by urban culture, with graffiti, works by emerging artists and a delicious selection of street food to recharge your batteries. Attendees also immersed themselves in the theme, sporting sporty looks, hats, sneakers and some even emulated their favorite rappers.

With powerful sound equipment and an advanced lighting system, the DJs never stop playing the newest and best of urban music, mixing hip hop, trap, Amapiano, R&B, dancehall and all those rhythms that make the audience vibrate. On the dance floor, you will only see people moving to the energetic rhythm of the music, humming along to every song.

Golden Rose Party’s hip hop and Amapiano party is unique in Barcelona and gives you the opportunity to dance non-stop, immerse yourself in urban culture and enjoy an epic night in one of the most outstanding places of Barcelona’s nightlife: La Chismosa. You can’t miss it!

Event Details
Event Details